Sperry Celebrates 50 Years of Construction in Tallahassee

Jan 17, 2023

Red Hills Market

In 2023, Sperry Construction celebrates 50 years of helping businesses build their dreams.


Founded by Don and Jane Sperry in 1973, Sperry Construction is one of Tallahassee’s oldest family-owned construction companies. “Don Sperry started this company with a handshake, a smile, and lots of hard work,” says Bart Wells, President of the company. “Mr. Sperry had a vision to create a construction firm in Tallahassee that specialized in private sector work, developed an expertise in pre-engineered metal buildings, and built relationships that last. We’re proud to carry on that legacy today.”

Sperry Celebrates 50 Years of Construction in Tallahassee

Private Sector Construction Specialists

For 50 years, Sperry has built a reputation for guiding private sector partners through the construction process in a way that saves clients time and money. “Because we work exclusively with private sector partners, we understand that your project is an investment in your future,” says Matt Edwards, Director of Operations. “Our team of seasoned construction professionals will work closely with you to ensure every detail  is managed properly.”

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Specialists

Sperry Construction was founded as Sperry Metal Buildings and that expertise remains the core of the company’s business. In fact, Sperry often works with other construction companies to help them manage and erect projects that require these precise structures. “If your project will involve the use of pre-engineered metal buildings, we can provide you with a level of construction expertise that is unmatched in our region,” says Jay Bostwick, Vice President of Business Development.

Sperry also works with clients who are seeking to expand or add to their existing metal building structures. “We know this method of construction better than anyone and are confident that our metal building expertise will drive value to your organization throughout every phase of your project.”

Relationship Driven Construction Management

The process of constructing a building is one of the biggest endeavors an organization will ever undertake. That’s why Sperry puts client needs first at every phase. “We understand the level of attention required to make your facility turn out just as you envision it,” says Clayton Wells, Director of Construction. “We deliver on this need by developing strong and lasting relationships with our clients.

Sperry is known throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama for building relationships just as much as they are for building private sector structures. “The opportunity to work with your team to bring your dream to life is one we cherish. Through our hands-on management process you’ll have the highest level of our company involved in your project from start to finish.”

A Better Way to Build

Construction isn’t easy, but Sperry aims is to make clients feel like it is. Every project requires countless hours of management that includes pricing, permitting, site work, and eventually vertical construction. That’s why Sperry’s team of experts have developed processes to ensure projects advances smoothly through every phase. 

Sperry manages projects across a wide spectrum of private sector needs. “We see this work as our calling,”says Bart Wells. “Through construction services, we are able to create value for clients, provide for our families, and give back to the community we call home.

As a trusted construction partner, Sperry has a reputation of delivering on promises, solving problems, and managing projects with the client’s bottom line in mind. “That’s why over 70% of our work comes from existing clients. It’s also why we believe Sperry is a better way to build.”

Build Your Business Dream with Sperry

Sperry’s unique combination of private sector specialization, metal building expertise, and relationship driven construction management helps you bring your project to life.  Building your dream facility doesn’t have to be complicated. Choose Sperry as your guide through the construction process.


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